How Does Shopbox Work?

Have Crescent Corner come right to you! With shop box you and your chapter can shop in the comfort of your own home. We send you the box to shop from and when finished you send back any leftover merchandise and payment. It’s that easy!
White Envelope
Inside your box you will receive a white envelope. Inside this envelope will be directions, a square reader, a return label and an inventory guide.
Check Inventory
Please check the inventory inside your box to make sure it matches what is on your guide.
Square Instructions
Follow the square instructions to log into the boutique’s square account. The square allows you to take credit card payments for purchases.
Shop Box
You are allowed to keep your shop box up to 10 days. When you are ready to ship the box back place the provided return label over the original label and drop it off at your nearest UPS location.

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What's In the Box?
What's In the Box?

shirts | tanks | sweatshirts | hats
key fobs | decals | and more...

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